The present occurs the moment we understand that it has already happened, by then it is the past. Time has no meaning until we know it has past us by and then we anticipate as to what will come next, and that too becomes our past in nanoseconds. Time is constantly moving regardless of our action or inaction's. To recognize time in all its stages we need to label it, place an event to it for us to understand it. Truly it is our thoughts that move in time, the body and its surroundings are there just for the ride. We think about the past endlessly as we try to live in the moment and at the same time we are always thinking ahead to what's next, forever trying to change our futures. We rely on the future to have better knowledge of the past. The present doesn't exist. It's merely a dividing line between past and future. It has nil dimension against the infinity of the past and the infinity of the future. The paradox is that life exists only in the present. It can't exist now in the past or now in the future, other than as memories of the past and imaginings of the future. Therefore, life is posited in the non-existent. So we must question whether we can actually exist. When you done reading this post, it's already in the past. Doesn't that tell you enough?