Love cannot be contained with the use of words alone. It is more than what we can comprehend in any discussion. It is all around us, in us, all the time. We cannot escape its allure, or its calling rather. When we are faced with it, we know with every fiber of our existence. When we accept it, and give it mutually, it has the potential to be the cure for every poison we've yet to encounter. It can brighten any darkness, unfortunately it can also darken all when it's abused. I do know that if this world had more of it, this place may not be as scary as it is sometimes.

"Love is just merely a chemical reaction in our brains."

The chemical reactions are just the biological manifestation of what we're feeling. One doesn't make the other less real. Yes, we are chemicals, but we have the capacity to be more than the sum of the parts. We just owe it to ourselves to be honest. I'm not a fan of the idea that something being a chemical reaction makes it less significant. Even the thought "love is just a chemical reaction" is itself a chemical reaction. So what? Love is always selfish. What happens to love once somebody stops giving you what you want or need? That love turns to resentment unless the other person can give you something in return. I've never met a single person with unconditional love in the real world. Maybe in books and movies. When someone else's happiness becomes important to our own happiness. It is not unselfishness, but an expanded self.

If you want somebody to be happy simply because it makes you happy, then that is focused around the self, and is therefore selfish. It would be better to want somebody to be happy simply for their own sake, rather than your own. But what if that makes you happy in turn? Sometimes, we are overthinking it. That is the whole point, you spontaneously become happy by seeing them happy. Who in the fuck calculates their own happiness by seeing others happy? If you care for someone, you are just going to be naturally happy when you see them happy. The funny part is that people are so desperate for love that anyone who brings this up gets like 100 retweet on Twitter. LOL. Ah, why are we so stupid when it comes to love. I think people need to feel like they are connected. It's not stupidity, it's a need to feel wanted. We all have that need, to deny it would be stupidity. The matter to me is what are we nurturing and instrumentalizing this love with? It is materialistic love, lust, control-oriented love, arrogant love, abusive love, or love which is purified by the filling of positivism and the better understanding regardless to what differs us?

Love should flow like water over the trouble beneath. When love becomes complicated it's usually because it's failing. It should be as easy as breathing. People are confused and misdirected by their own feelings and the world around them, making it hard for them to deal with love without protecting themselves, and maybe that's why they put conditions. In a greed-based world love is an obstacle, and in the offset mind love must become something else, something fake and distorted, to trust using it. Love is selfish by its very nature. We love for our own gain, even if that gain is nothing more than the feeling of rapture whilst entwined both physically and emotionally with a lover or spouse. Perhaps I'm just a cynic? Ultimately, it falls between needs and wants. Do you love because you need or do you need because you love? Wanting is just the premise to figuring out the need. I had to learn that the hard way.

"Love is just a word. Love doesn't exist." 

Stop it! Words symbolize actual things. Pretending to be oblivious to the obvious doesn't make you profound. No one has claimed that the name of a phenomenon gives it reality. Plenty of fictional things have names. Love is something people experience directly, regardless of what word refers to it. There is an actual phenomenon in reality which we know exists directly. And don't pretend to not know what I'm talking about. No one says that kind of nonsense and actually means it. It's obvious that you're just trying to seem deep or got dumped, betrayed. Love is a value judgment, it results in chemical reactions and emotions. Are you really going to claim that value judgments don't exist? Chemistry seen from another perspective is also energy. From another, it is code and so therefore also the language of love. This chemistry is not just in our brains. Because you get a reaction doesn't necessarily mean it's a good reaction, so it is love or it is just something else.