Control and submission, power and helplessness seems to be part of every society, group, or individual. It is an ancient behavior. Most humans no longer hunt, so society needed a new system of predator and prey to satisfy our killer instinct. We separated humanity into the weak and the strong to replicate the hunt. But we call them the lower and upper classes now.

There are people out there that sacrifice themselves to make another happy. Some of those people get hurt by a selfish and change for the wrong reasons. That pain or shall I say change brought society to a point of selfish ways. You will hear the saying "put yourself first." Now majority are putting themselves before another, to care about someone so much is considered weak. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying stay when you know you are mistreated, go find better. What if everyone put others before themselves? That would be taking care of each other. I put you first and you put me first, selfishness doesn't exist. I understand the pain behind being selfless, don't change there will be another who will see that and return out of love. I consider that being strong. I'm not saying give all that you have to anybody. I know not all will, they just don't know what they're missing.

Free will or shall I say freedom can lead to destruction. As human beings, we desire and we don't fundamentally. What we desire isn't always good, we are unaware of it sometimes and what we don't desire can be of good. Awareness, self-control and discipline can bring long term successful results. Everyone should be free to choose for themselves yet does that choice bring consequences to another. Freedom isn't the answer. Why? Because we are human.