Women tend to value high EQ's rather than IQ's, thus it might be sensible, if causal fornication wasn't a primary goal. Women who are interested in casual fornication may be more interested in just the beauty, which may or may not be a quality men possess, in which case unlucky life is unfair, sometimes.

I have a very long conversation today with a group of women who I managed to get talking about men. It turned out that the sensitive caring type didn't actually score very high in what they look for. Intelligence was actually very high on the list because they like men who can carry on a conversation. I've seen this in research papers before. They also seemed to like them rugged, but not too macho. Sensitivity only came into play when they started talking about who they would eventually marry. But even that guy had to be a bad boy before hand. However, I am sure there are women willing to "settle" for mister boring.

Studies actually show that there is no such thing as an ideal male / female image across populations. What they do show is that both women and men often pick partners who adhere to their perceptions concerning self-image. I was just arguing about self-image with someone else, actually.

Men were more likely to try to approach women who were out of their perceived "class" in terms of attractiveness, however, both genders when trying to find appropriate long term mates often went with someone they perceived as their match, not following any particular ideal model. Looks were only important in that they matched the person's self-image, and that includes height, skin color, habit. In addition to matching looks, the only characteristics that scored high across the board was intelligence and humor. But there was no indication that a particular IQ level was desired. Being a "bad boy" was not necessarily a desirable trait for women, however, women did tend to favor men with dynamic personalities. It is not hard to explain why people with dynamic personalities would also happen to end up being bad boys or assholes along the way.

Having a dynamic personality is the foundation for living without too much stress, change is only a problem for those who can't adapt to new circumstances. Regarding the attractive woman, it's no different, the man who is in the moment and can see where the conversation is going, that immediately demonstrates to the woman that he's not just another fool with a "game plan."

I am surprised at some people being manipulated so much by our society that you actually believe having those "things" will actually attract an awesome relationship. Of course when one is "in the field" it seems very important to have some of this stuff just to break the ice and get started, but no one knows how much money you have when they meet you. The connection between people is the thing ... when you show an interest, make her laugh, and wow her with intelligence, well that is all you need.