A kid beaten by his mom till death. This idea that every mother is a saint just because she got it in her head to get knocked up is a ridiculous sentiment. People are good people because they behave like good people. Not because they earn a title. We shouldn't assume that just because someone bothered to produced offspring from their body that they are in fact good people. Half the people on the planet can accomplish that task with little effort just because they have the right chromosome pairs. She decides to have sex, unprotected, with a man she doesn't consider whether or not he'll be a good dad or not, now that she's pregnant, it would be an embarrassment to abort the baby, and then said, "You are a mistake." Then when the guy won't have anything else to do with her, except when he wants sex again, she tortures the kid in some way everyday because she had sex and blamed the kid for coming behind it. Well, stupid people do stupid shit.