We became jealous when we feel devalued. So if your sense of value is high, you wont be jealous. Problem is, value is not a static fixed thing. It’s a dynamic identity that comes through work and production. Since the world is in flux, it’s impossible to regard oneself as possessing any state.

If passion drives you, let reason take the reigns. Attacking people out of jealousy is a devaluation reaction. The passion of anger and emotional is rooted in fear. It would seem that a person who is free of jealousy is free of fear, but I would not describe this as a mindless state, but rather, intelligence functioning at a high level.

Aristotle made a distinction between envy and jealousy. He considered jealousy reasonable, because it drives men to pursue good things that other men have. Envy is much worse, as it causes men to destroy the good things other men have, or, at bottom, an envious person will try to hold you back. Jealousy really isn't that bad as long as you’re just sticking within your own boundaries.

If you want to enjoy yourself, build a good life for yourself, have a firm foundation, make the necessary preparations, and jealousy won’t be a problem. Envy helps to, or is perhaps the very source of, our ambition and progress in life. It helps us fix our minds and it basically makes capitalism work. So although envy isn't exactly right morally, it is very, very useful. The root of being envy is wanting something you don't have, which only means your discontent is some aspect of your life to consider being envious in the first place.

Capitalist consumerist society thrives on envy and jealousy, it could be viewed as unnatural or reclusive to "NOT wanting more," or "NOT get jealous." The main job of marketers is to make you want what others have. Happiness is presented to us as a matter of having more. But I think it is a matter of efficiency: that which, in the matters that are important to us, minimize the differential between the energy we put into to things and the energy we get out. This is why a person who is making minimum wage, as long as the demands on their resources is minimal, can be a lot happier than someone at a higher financial level when the demands being made on their resources are much higher. Successful people kill themselves all the time over this.