There is no such thing as good or bad karma. Karma is cause and effect. There is no such thing as "good/bad cause and effect." There is just cause and effect. Karma does not make judgments or choose favorites. It isn’t mystical or "fate." Karma (action) is the principle of "if you do one thing, another thing happens." When these actions of karma affect a person in a positive or negative way, it is called sanskaras. Sanskaras are the impressions karma leaves on the mind and body of the individual. The action itself is neither good or bad. It just happens. Whether that action ends up being good or bad is entirely subjective and according to your circumstances.

Example: Rainy days, perhaps bad for you but good for some others, could result in financial gain for some people. You died, the dead body of yours can be very useful for the consumed of decomposers bacterial.