Religion is not a tangible entity. It in itself does not have the power guide a man's actions. A man's actions right or wrong are by his own choice. A choice he makes independently. Even when he is coerced or influenced by some Godman or preacher or priest or an atheist, it's his independent choice to believe in such sermons that influences his actions. A book when read will have a million things, some to be done some not to be done. A book will not do those things from you nor will it stop you from doing them. It's man's thought that guides him.

There is nothing harmful that religions ever asked us to do to other religions. But the people have been using religion as a tool manipulate the general people to hate each other. A lot of non-religious ideologies do the same thing. Those things used to be written into the laws of countries. It's easy to blame religion for this. If we say it is the fault of religion, then we can segregate the problem to "all religious people" or "that religion specifically." But if we say it is the fault of human society, then no one is exempt.

A lot of religious people would agree with non-religious people on these points. However, non-religious people make it very hard to religious people to side with them. Especially when every point about the illogical nature of a particular doctrine comes with a condemnation of the entire religion itself. Religious people are forced into a position of defending their faith and siding with the fanatics who are the actual problem.