We all know that light takes time to reach our eyes, what we see has happened before we see it. We are living in the past. The so-called universe we talk about, today, right this second, is a mere image of something that has happened, a frame of previous event. Nothing is true, yet everything we perceive is what we call, truth. This is our truth, whatever there is, the phone I am using, this blog post, the sun, stars we see, our vast milky way galaxy, the colossus universe, everything is fake, scientifically and spiritually. If we begin to understand this, we might end up something else.

At best we can "see" only a second past of the universe, and at that, only an out-of-date simulacrum image. We can never see the "present" reality. It often amuses me to think about it this way; the universe as we see it is inside our heads, but our heads are also inside the universe. So were in it but it is in us and so forth. Alan Watts said, "You don't look out there for God, something in the sky, you look in you."