If you completely "destroy" your own ego (in order to reduce its influence in life), you also destroy your own unique "tool" through which you advance in life. To reach pure consciousness, where no ego exists, instead we need to "replace" the ego with self-esteem by loving ourselves as a whole. This can only be done within the limits of ourselves personally.

On ego, ruin everything you have, to those that have been ruined, everything is different. To understand those differences is to understand broad strokes of life. The humble knowledge of a silly person.

Ego is the self. The self should never be destroyed. However, it should be used to improve the quality of life, not to insult someone or to give a bloated impression of oneself. Ego is the habit of seeing yourself as separate from everything else. I'd love to hear what anyone has to say about the concept of "surrender" and what that might have to do with the ego situation. Some people jump ahead a few levels at once, this is known as awakening or enlightenment. But even an “enlightened” person still runs into conflict they still have to root out their hard-wired core beliefs. One thing for sure, there is no violence in enlightenment.

The greatest example of miss identification of ego is thinking that we can become Purusha. Nearly everyone wants to be the Supreme Controller. Few want to serve.

But, who is the "you" doing the ego's destroying or building? There's a whole other universe of the source "you" capable of creating or destroying. The ego, in my currently perception, is an interface tool between these two universes. The universe of Spirit and the physical universe. Quite correct, if we are here playing the game of life, that interface is required. The crux of a potential problem is in our own gradual lose of our ability to perceive the non-physical "you." What is I? What is the ghost in the machine?

Love and ego; how do they figure in?

It's the true means to the ultimate goal of all life. Everyone wants to be happy. The movies, the books, the songs, they received wisdom of all cultures tells us the same thing: If we want to be happy, we have to fall in love. Just fall in love and then you will be happy. We see, however, that in many cases the exact opposite is true. People fall in love and end up divorced and sometimes so unhappy they even think about ending it all. Some even commit suicide. So what's the answer? Unfortunately the most valuable love of all, love of God, has gotten lost in the shuffle. First I must have love of God, only then is there a chance that all other love will make sense, be reliable and have any likelihood of lasting and bringing real happiness.

We have to know how to distinguish between love and lust. Love directed energy is very giving. If I’m driven by lust, I want to take. Naturally all relationships require both give and take. To the degree both partners in any romantic endeavor can transcend their codependent tendencies and be simultaneously independent and grateful, they may also decrease the tendency to find fault and become disappointed.

Ego and love go hand in hand. Love can support ones ego but can also destroy it. Ego can support ones love but also destroy it.

In my personal experience. I started loving mostly that what I was missing in my personal life. So this lead me to this answer. So once one has reached what he was missing in life. It could be that the love starts to diminish. For it was not each other that they loved but what they were missing in their own lives. It's for this reason. That for me it's important not to go into a relationship just in order to be happy. If I can't be happy by myself how could I make the one I love happy. Might sound strange.

If you cant care about yourself, how then can you care for others? Altruism seem to presuppose egoism. Do you think there might be some parts of the ego that need to be consciously deconstructed and dissolved? I don't think that just building up the sense of self is enough in the face of some kinds of obstacles, I think we need a wrecking ball occasionally and most definitely for the most resilient aspects of the ego.

I took that wrecking ball actually. A whole lot of times. Completely letting go of what I thought of myself before. Exploring my memories and comparing them to everything I had learned through the years. In order to see what I did and how I felt of it. I would have loved to have known others opinions of it. But given the fact I got a pretty good memory I had the liberty of first doing it myself in comparison to all the comments I received from what I did. Comparing it to why I did it and looking back and so on.

I did it.