Why is there so much evil, suffering, sadness, and sorrow in the world?

Life feeds on life, unfortunately. There is no creating without destroying something else. This is how nature is structured and as long as there are some creatures who are capable of conscious emotional experiences, there will probably always be huge amounts of unpleasant experiences.

Tears are energy your body's not meant to contain. In conjunction with the supposed rules are this, if energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transferred from one vessel to another. In Zen philosophy energy or "chi" flows from right to left. Same as electricity flowing in a circuit. If it is interrupted it's gotta go somewhere. It’s the same in your body. So when you hug or hold someone, you are basically "plugging" yourself in. Right to left. Your hands touch the opposite. Completing the circuit. Good energy fills you body, mind, and heart if you "plug in" to a good source of "chi." It works both ways bad or good. It's a matter of faith if it's not necessarily science. That's my theory anyways.