Which one you prefer?
  1. To be always right but others will see you always wrong.
  2. To be always wrong but the people will always see you right.
I’ll go with number 2. With that kind of manipulative power, you can always find a way to get your word across. But if you are always viewed as wrong, no one will even listen to you. Galileo was right and everyone thought he was wrong at the time. It ruined his life. I don't think people are really taking into account what it feels like to know you have the answers and not have anyone who is even willing to listen to you. You think your ego will be enough to sustain you by just knowing you are right?

"The world listens to the wrong people most of the time. Don't you think that we should make the sacrifice of choosing not to be listened to if we are wrong?"

If people are listening to the wrong people, then it will be one of those wrong people who will help change the system. Regain their ethics and humanity. If you have those kinds of ethics and you are in a position to be listened to, then that's the kind of people the world actually needs. People who can recognize their wrongness and steer us in the right direction, even if it means being steered away from the system that gives them power. Power should be in the hands of the people who want it the least.