People lose their temper when they don't know how to deal with reality. We will create another fake realities we want to believe to comfort our real conditions. What you are experiencing is called cognitive dissonance. It's what happens when you dedicated a huge amount of emotional attachment to believing in A, and you find out that A was a lie and was really B all along.

Cognitive dissonance causes panic attacks and prayer circles. People experience cognitive dissonance because they DON'T want to seek answers. They just want to be able to climb back into their comfy ignorance and forget they that ever learned anything in the first place. Some say, cognitive dissonance is a fancy label for seeking answers, or they seek answers because of cognitive dissonance they're trying to relieve. But, if they are trying to relieve cognitive dissonance, isn't the dissonance over?

Festinger's description of cognitive dissonance refers to the pay-off for the task: if the pay-off is low, the person will act as if the task was fun and interesting. Then came out the drama; trying to convince ourselves (and others) that we are happy and satisfied. Life is more alive than this rigid dead formula of drama.