Can we really say we own ourselves when we aren't even capable of doing what we want with ourselves?

Other people (family, government) decided our place in society. We were just allowed to choose between a set of predetermined choices. And each of those choices were governed by rules. We aren't even allowed to kill ourselves. If unsuccessful, we are punished for the attempt. The only way to be truly free is to go live in the wilderness, out of the reach of society and own nothing. To be a savage is freedom.

Most of the animation of your body is automatic. You can only animate your body in limited ways. Enough to get what is needed done, but not complete control. Only about 5% of your brain's functions are even conscious and controllable.

And you are not free to break the rules if there are consequences for breaking the rules. You are just free to become a criminal if you choose. But even being a criminal is bound by rules.

Your identity is formed as part of some formal structure and your relationship and experience in reference to it. And you didn't will that relationship or experience for the vast majority of your formative developmental years, and most likely weren't consciously aware of it. I'm just clearing away the subjective value judgements to see what really sticks and what is just delusion.