The reason why feminism goes hand in hand with gender equality is because the reason why there is gender inequality in the first place is because of women being oppressed, not men being oppressed. When it comes to gender, only women are generally oppressed to the point that causes gender inequality. Male oppression makes no impact at all on gender inequality. Nor it is a condition from which men cannot readily escape. But women cannot readily escape their oppression. The laws and society has been designed to prevent them from escaping. Sometimes in very subtle ways.

Women are not physically weaker than men. Women's anatomy loans strength in some areas where males are weaker. Particularly when it comes to children. Male bodies would not have the necessary energy and endurance to carry children long-term, even if they could get pregnant. We are not built that way. Since males are not required to be pregnant, nature repurposed their energy to produce musculature instead of endurance. But the misogynist viewpoint is that muscles are the only definition of strength.

From a statistical viewpoint, the vast majority of men are not much stronger than a woman who exercises. A higher percentage of women compared to men do not exercise at all. And men get most of their exercise from work. This is the kind of physical labor that women have historically been barred from.

A smaller percentage of men are actually stronger than the average woman, and stronger than other men as well. So if physical strength was a standard of superiority, that would mean that a majority of men in the world were inferior to a smaller minority that was stronger than both them and women. How many men do you think would accept that fact?

Much culture and society in the last 8-12 thousand years has been engineered in order to oppress two areas of the population: The laborer and the woman. The oppression of these two groups was instrumental in the development of civilization. Laborers had to be forced to work for the greater good instead of personal gain. And women had to be forced to breed constantly for the greater good despite how it affected their well-being. As families grew larger, it was important to be able to determine heirs and lines of inheritance. The only way men could do this was to be certain their children was theirs. Therefore, the sex of women needed to be controlled and monitored. Women needed to be taught that they were dependent on men for all their needs. And the best way to do that was to convince them they were inferior and weak.

This is no longer a necessary evil in the modern world in regards to civilization building. But the attitudes of men have not change significantly from their primitive origins. Because the men have been convinced as well. Convinced they are superior to women. The falsehood cuts both ways. The truth is that much of our modern development was made on the made on the backs of the laborer or slave in general, and on the backs of women specifically. It was woman who contributed the greatest sacrifice in the creation of civilization. She sacrificed her rights and her freedoms to the great machine of progress.

Religion is obviously not the primary agent in misogyny. Misogynist religious people are likely the symptom of dysfunctional psychology. Not the cause. Example, I know that women often do not feel safe in India. But would it surprise you that in Western countries like the U.S., England, France, and Sweden there are far more rape cases each year than there is in India, even with India's larger population? And we also tell our women not to go out alone at night.

The key to stopping this kind of crime against women is to get the government to take the prosecution of rapists and abusers more seriously. In countries where they don't take these offenses seriously is where you have the worth cases of crimes against women. Sweden for instance has a very lax attitude towards prosecuting rapists. As a result. Sweden had become the rape capital of Europe with more cases per year than England and France combined.