Everything in our experience that can and has been explained has been explained without the need of a supernatural force. Even things we couldn't previously explain. What makes you think the origins of life will be any different?

500 years ago people were asking how the sun could be revolving around the earth without a supernatural force or entity to guide it? How does the moon stay up in the sky? How does the waves in the oceans and the winds in the air churn? Where does lightning come from? How does disease invade the body? How do we grow old? Why do creatures only come from their own kind?

All of these were explained and none of them involved a supernatural force. The belief in the supernatural in order to solve a problem is just embracing ignorance. You don't know the answer so you stick an unseen force based on faith in the gap. And this only becomes true by virtue of your own imagination and some religious verses that someone once wrote to make the unexplained seems safer.

I'm a religious person myself. But I don't believe in the supernatural. If any god exists, that god should be as natural as the rest of the universe. And if that god is aware of my existence, it probably doesn't want me to be an ignorant moron who believes in invisible supernatural forces. Because if god is a natural phenomenon, then looking for the supernatural means you are never going to find that god. Because you'll be preferring your delusions over reality.

If you think supernatural is just a word for nature that we still don't understand ... no. Supernatural is not just a another word for the natural. It is a word behind which we choose to mask our weakness of mind.