I always believe, we are not here for harmony I suppose. Since the beginning nothing has been peaceful and no one lived in utter bliss.

It's a bit tricky to explain but even though to be in harmony with someone is basically impossible. We live thinking that we are different and we rejoice to that idea but what attracts us to people is the common grounds.

Why not in harmony with yourself?

We know ourselves too well with our imperfections, bad qualities and all, we strive for harmony but we can never meet ourselves on the same ground mostly because we don't think we want to. In other cases we don't know ourselves and so we can't trust it. And in both cases we cannot control the crazy wacky thoughts as we seek to live in harmony and find our way to inner peace. Basically because of the walls we build around ourselves, and we remain confined there astray from ourselves.

Can we forget about the past, being a bit selfish and conceited (about the present and others) and having more time for ourselves, our happiness, our own good, in order to start being open minded and to be in harmony with ourselves?

Easy. Very many of us suffer from a peculiar-sounding problem: an inability properly to inhabit the stretch of time known as the present. Living in a constant fear of future and dwelling in the past.

So, ignoring the past and the future, and being conceited about someone else's wrong doings against someone else, or something else, or us, could we reach the harmony within ourselves? Maybe we should try.

You can reach whatever you set your mind on, just don't live in a bad faith. The attitude of faith is to let go and become open to whatever bullshit someone decides to fill your head with. Faith is the sacrificing of one's intelligence to belief. That is the only thing that can restrain you.