People learn about themselves by others. We use the values others give us to introspect. Therefore we do not understand ourselves very well at all, or more likely, we're in denial. Here's the fun part about introspection: we have values we use to introspect by, these values are how we see others and think we are. The values also are shown to be describing evidence from other people about ones self and not based on actual evidence individuals receive from themselves. The values bias thing and other peoples interaction bias thing more. A value is something you act to gain or keep, introspection is thinking about your own mental processes and content. You may introspective about why you hold a given value, but it is hardly limited to just that. It's how you go about introspection and your conclusions of such that is entirely value driven and those values are coming from evidences we believe that came from society. All mental activity is biased with the culture we live in. Some one said "to think is to speak," silently in some cases. So if all thinking involves language, and language is a cultural artifact, then culture invades introspection.