Idiocracy is hilarious, "human intelligence decreasing because only stupid people are breeding," with that being said intelligence is learned not inherited so I find it difficult to believe in the real world that idea is correct. I think people have gotten intellectually lazy because of technology in some ways, but the technological influence into a ton of things we do has made us smarter in other ways. I think with the mass amount of information available to us human intelligence is on the rise. People are becoming more intelligent at a younger rate as well.

Intelligence is a product of experience: therefore should accumulate with time. Our combined intelligence is also a factor of population, so the cumulative effects of time and population growth give us the abilities we have today. A few thousand years ago we had some smart individuals building pyramids. There is no reason to suspect that today's individuals are any smarter than the pyramid builders, in fact our accumulated smarts would be struggling to build a pyramid today. We only have records for these few thousand years. More and more we are redefining what intelligence means to us and finding more examples of it in the animal kingdom. We can only speculate.

Human intelligence is rapidly increasing, but not uniformly. There are more smarter people than before. However there's an even greater number of people just as dumb as before. Evolution in itself means growing into a better version of oneself. So yeah the human species has consistently gotten better, in terms of technology, science, understanding of nature (the abuse and preservation of it) and so on. We are now intelligent enough to create technology and use it for our comfort only. I would say that we mostly lack of wisdom.

Or, we are the same as before. "Intelligence" is more a measure of the capabilities of brains. We are progressing as one would expect due to the fact that each generation is given more to work with in respect to what the previous intelligence has provided, not because we are capable of being more intelligent. There is only so much that could be accomplished in one life time, so naturally we would see people improving on what came before. There has always been a relatively smarter portion of the population and those are the people making the improvements. The fact that we are getting lazier compared to our ancestors is not really a representation of our intelligence. Yes we don't have to be clever for survival purposes because everyday life has changed and become more comfortable. The energy we used to spend deciding which end of the food chain we were on can now be focused other issues. This however does not mean that we are more intelligent, just that we can move forward from our ancestors. We are a learning machine and will always continue to advance.