Unconditional love is a paradox. You can't have love without conditions. We don't just love someone or something because it is there. There is something about it or them that makes us love them. A condition. The term unconditional love is only valid on greeting cards and when mothers lie to their children.

Selflessness is one of those myths we like to use to pretend we are more noble than we actually are. Just like "unconditional love." If my parents loved me it was because I was their child. That is a condition, not unconditional. They did not just love me for no reason. Unconditional love is logically impossible. No one loves anything just to love. There is always some basic reason that precedes love. All reasons are by their nature conditions. Saying unconditional love is like saying infinite love. It's a nice thought but it is not realistic. Love cannot crop out of nothing, rather it is all about incentives.

First there must be a condition for love to be possible even if one ultimately reduces the conditions to just two things; existence and awareness. A thing must exist and one must be aware of it in order to love that thing. "Unconditional love" is a phrase that is not meant to be realistic or logical. It is like saying "ultimate happiness." It is a ridiculous notion. In order to love anything, you have to have a reason. No one just loves to be loving. That is a cognitive impossibility in a fully functioning brain.

As soon as you have a reason to love, you have have set up a condition for your love.

"I love my child unconditionally." FALSE. You love your child because they ARE you child. That is a condition.

Therefore, no form of love can be unconditional unless your brain is damaged and the only parts that still work are your sensory perception and your limbic region. You would essentially be a mindless mechanism that "loves" as an automatic reaction to external stimuli. "If you love, then it should be complete, and accepting of all the traits of the loved one."The fact that they are "loved ones" forms a condition and logically invalidates the notion of "unconditional."

I mean that if you love anyone "because" of something then you have set up a condition that disproves unconditional love. You can't have reality without conditions and functions. So if conditions are omnipresent in reality, where does the unconditional lie? It lies outside of reality or in the abstract. In other words, "unconditional" is unrealistic and a therefore falsehood. With all due respect, love and sex are conventional--they always come under transnational conditions. No sane person loves another one unconditionally

There are people who love everyone. But this is a stupid way to live a life, in my opinion. They are tree hugging hippies that if you scratched at the surface wouldn't be as loving as they intend. Go axe down that tree they just hugged and see for yourself.