Human born (raw material put in to process), get raised up (processed), and die (final product). World is like a factory. If death is the ultimate end, What is the purpose of manufacturing?

Have you ever established a conviction in your line of thinking: "the manufacturing" and that things has "a purpose," eh? Things do not have reason, we give reasons for the things, we are trying to give the world a reason. We are pattern finder creatures and we need to find patterns in the material world because this is fundamental for all the survival needs.

We are pattern finders in all the different levels of the life's form, not only relate to survival (sex, food) but at the spiritual level. In this sense, the reason of the world is our own satisfaction. The product of any factory aims the satisfaction of a client.

We give meaning to things, we are the reasoning. The world does not carry a meaning or reason by itself. Like colors, smell, taste, those are human thoughts not universe attributes.