Lust makes you want to have sex. Love makes you want to be with someone, to share a life, bonding feeling, not just sex. You cannot even compare the two because love does not = sex. You can love your child, your mother, a best friend … and not want to have sex with them. How much more simple does that get? I mean, really, it's very clear they are very different.

So do you really need scientific evidence to tell the difference between lust and love? Seriously?

LOL. No problem. Here.

Medically some theories says that some hormones released by the brain by seeing who you love, but that could be just result and it does not explain that soul matter … and simply why is that particular the-cute-one who amazingly have that magical effect on you? Some stuff are to beautiful to try to explain when you're living it … and you can't explain what you don't know. It is love, dear.