Money can't buy happiness, but it can make you reach it faster. You just need to find the way to spend it to make yourself happy. Well, it certainly helps you with almost any kind of happiness you can think of: being healthy, having a nice meal, having friends, having a girlfriend, being happy about your own self, not having worries about debts, having a nice place to rest. Money doesn't only buy you material things, it can buy your sick parents extra years to live, you can pitch in to pay for their medical bills. It can get your child a better education. It's not only to benefit yourself, but also those you love.

Money certainly helps with material things. If your happiness is solely based on materialism, yes, money will equate to happiness. But, I will just guess you never had bad experiences in your life that weren't money-related. The worst tragedies aren't things money can fix. If so, I'm glad that you seemingly had a life nice enough to be able to retain that "money can buy happiness," hopefully it somewhat stays like that. Real losses and real sadness are very destructive. Money can't buy everything but it expands your opportunity. Absence of money is more noticeable than presence of it. You can't be happy with money alone, don't even get me started with greed. Anyone who says money can't buy happiness has neither and wants both.

Money (a lot of it) provides a great fundamental for independence and influence, all things considered. Happiness and love are often mentioned as things money can't buy, but why should it? If you are rich doesn't mean you can't be happy too. Money can improve your quality of life and increase your comfort, but true happiness is found in the ones around you and in the deeds you commit, not in the material goods you purchase. At least Money fixes the problem it has created. Money resembles happiness as long as you don't have it, then your brain moves on and you start to desire something else, like a partner and friends that like you instead of your money. Having money doesn't automatically make you a dick. Working for it doesn't necessarily make you unhappy. And having it doesn't mean you don't have good relationships. The rich guy tells you that it won't make you happy so he can have it for himself, greed. The poor guy tells you that it won't make you happy because he can't have for himself, envy. Moneys does make people happy, just use it wisely.

Money can buy happiness. Yes. Can it fulfill your entire life? No. It is not in human nature to have everything in the world and still be happy. You buy artificial happiness that works for a little while, but then you want more and more and suddenly everything you buy gets boring after a few hours. You feel depressed all the time and you never get to truly feel happy. Buying things is like a drug. The feeling that you want stuff is endless and if you have money you still will have that feeling but you only want different stuff then. The thing is ... the most times you compromise to make money isn't something you can buy back with money, like youth, friends, health, love. Money can help you avoid a certain level of suffering, since poverty is the root cause of many of people's sufferings. However, after a certain point, the happiness you get from money plateaus. It's like eating one apple when you are hungry; the happiness you get from it is pretty high. But after 3, 4, 5 apples, the happiness you get from eating another apple, begins to decline.

Let's be realistic. Money doesn't rule, it is just that you can't make everything on your own. You need clothes, food, shelter, vehicles, mobile phones etc. Stuff that you can't make on your own, you buy from someone else who can make it. That person who makes stuff, also can't make everything on their own, so they do what they're good at to earn money in order to buy what they can't make in order to live. It's an endless cycle. If you can cope with low standards of living, you don't need money.

There is no "true" moment of happiness. If all your problems can be solved with money, your life must be pretty easy. Here's my two cents; money doesn't buy happiness, but it's a considerable down payment. It's not money that is bad, it's how the greedy people use it. Money is a tool for happiness, not happiness itself. Capitalism and consumerism also made you feel like shit when you have no money. I think the spirit of the whole "money doesn't buy happiness" is the trade off that typically occurs with it; sacrificing friends or family in the pursuit of money will not grant happiness. We will always have problems, moments of sadness so you know the differences with happiness. If you were rich right now, your problems would be different, but you will still have problems.

Once Alexander The Great asked a Greek philosopher that he could ask for anything, anything what he desired, and he, Alexander, would give it to him. He just replied: "Move to a side, you are blocking me the sun." Wise words to realize that in such a great universe with so many knowledge, money is a truly meaningless thing. If you are a gamer, you will know this feeling; being rich is like cheating in a game, first its really fun but it gets boring fast and destroys the gameplay.

Probably we've never experienced yet what is the real happiness. Anyway it could be different for people. To me, he real happiness based on eternity, does not involve material and temporary things. There is a kind of source in every people's heart. It is not so easy to find. Once you find it you will be surprised. This source is God that is available for every people equally and abundantly. It sound unbelievable but this is exists. There is no real happiness without this. One thing to remember, stop being pretentious dick. If someone is happy with material things, that is happiness. Don't pretend that your happiness is more valuable than others. How about accepting people for who they are. Let them be. It seems very manipulative to think that our advice or modeling is a better way for someone else to live.