Life can't be completely calculated by logic, nothing is irrelevant. Your body decomposes and feed other life. Everything in your body is a chemical reaction. Even if you prefer dieing surrounded by luxury you can't take it with you. You don't own anything, not even your own body. Death can strike any time, it is not something you can control. The only thing you truly own are your decisions, only they are yours. As long as you don't regret your decisions, without lying to yourself, all is well.

Truly listen to yourself, find out if you truly believe in the things you say. Catch yourself lying to yourself. Lying to oneself seems to ease the pain at first, but it will cause more suffering. If you don't put your heart into things, you won't get hurt. But life is all about pain, suffering, overcoming it and thus growing stronger. Don't leave with regrets because if the buddhists are right you will suffer again and again until you learn.

Logic is a tool we humans use to be able to comprehend things. It is the simplification of something very complex. As an example if you say Apple, an Apple has different colors skin cells etc. If you had to describe every detail of an apple it would take you forever. Since logic is simplifying, all calculations done are always inaccurate. You can calculate everything with logic but you can't get everything "done" with it.

You don't feel guilt or regret because you decided to not feel it. Because it makes you suffer, because you are afraid to suffer. I say you are inferior for not using your emotions. You waste your potential. I know what I'm talking about, I was like you once. Learn to use your brain for both logic and feelings and I promise you, you will gain true strength. Don't be afraid to get hurt, conquer your fear. Start with your emotions slowly like a child that just started crawling.

The pain and suffering of your past can either be your strength or your weakness. Accept it and gain strength or run from it and become weak. It is your decision. Logic is a nice tool to run away from your pain and suffering. Try to think less sometimes to make space for new thoughts. A room that is full can not be filled. Some people have dreams that so inappropriate to their actual levels, it's just masochistic for them to pursue. Delusional and simply need to be told.