People often make poor judgements do to the social interactions with their peers. Instead of finding a good person they love with a decent character. Often people seek popularity from their relationship to satisfy ego or the personal mental perception of self worth; instead of finding someone that will satisfy their heart or maintain a lasting meaningful relationship.

Sounds like you don't look for loving relationship but a calculated job interview to discover a person willing to wait on your whims. A relationship isn't just about interviewing a compatible mate; it is also about finding a lasting loving relationship. Sometimes someone may look good on the surface but later you find out you no longer love this person and are trapped in a meaningless loveless relationship because you chose to service a laundry list of wanted perfections in a mate while choosing to ignore the needs of your heart.

People so often create the mechanism of their relationships demise by either disrespecting or ignoring a person's natural innate character; by placing barriers or hurdles of popular culture stereotypes that are unreasonable restrictions for normal or psychologically well-adjusted people not obsessed with meeting a stereotype to purchase love. Idealistically finding a lasting meaningful relationship is an achievable reality when we look beyond the surface of preconceived fantasy to find the true person or character we love beyond social stereotype. The person we want to spend the rest of our life with a life partner; because that is a truly meaningful and lasting relationship.

Chemical related physical attractions do not create a lasting relationship. Basing a relationship only on a physical attraction will cause the relationship to fail once age becomes a factor. This is a typical failure of people to choose a long term mate. They base their relationships on physical attraction only then wonder why the relationship fails once the hormonal magic is gone. Personality matters far more then physicality, I am not saying that a physical attraction is not important just that it should not be the only basis for the relationship.