The world wide web is the perfect example of a "spontaneous order network" which is characterized by infinite connections to other nodes in the network. In a spontaneous order network the behavior of the network is determined by the individual and voluntary actions of all nodes (users) in the network and not by any hierarchical organization or authority control of the flow of information. Information is the currency of all life, whether it be chemical information (mango weevil identifying real mangos and not plastic ones), or socio-economic information (propaganda or the truth). Those who control information flow control everybody. Spontaneous order networks allow the truth to be revealed.

There is a mathematical foundation to this as advanced by people like Adam Smith with his idea of free market Laissez-faire capitalism where what he called "the hidden hand of market discipline," it creates a self correcting and regulating system with no external authority necessary. It was Friedrich Hayek who put those ideas into a mathematical model for which he won a Nobel prize with his idea of "The Price Mechanism" which carries embedded information between all nodes in the network between all producers and all consumers in the network via the price consumers are voluntarily willing to pay.

The keyword is voluntarily. In other words spontaneous order networks require freedom or voluntary action of all of the nodes in the network. Check Hayek’s mathematical models and further developments out on Wikipedia. It involves complex mathematics because human system can only be modeled by complex math or so it seems. Any spontaneous order that excludes nodes in a system from any voluntary choice and action is bad because freedom to think and act is constrained. Nature itself is spontaneous order, the rationality evolved from that is astounding. We did not create ourselves much less any of the matter in this vast, amazing, beautiful universe.

I think that most humans recognize that any action that causes somebody else a loss is bad. A spontaneous order system would quickly kill those who intentionally caused somebody else a loss. For example, in Venezuela, which does not have a reliable justice system, relationships between humans are very honest because every node knows that the other can hire a hitman very cheaply to kill them. The coercive power comes from the spontaneous order system and not the state.

The idea is not to replace law, police, courts and jails with blood vendetta and vigilantism. If the state government is a mafia criminal organization what good are police, courts and jails? We live in a society with bad guys that can afford police, courts, and jails, and the rule of law. The rule of law is a luxury for those who have enough money in their pocket. Unfortunately most of the world’s population have to rely on themselves for justice.

Why is Singapore rated number 2 in economic freedom in the world yet it is run by a dictatorship? Why is Hong Kong number 1 in the world in economic freedom but is run by communists? Because the state protects the economic freedom, lives, and private property of its citizens. Most states on the planet attack the freedom, lives, and private property of its citizens. And what is so wrong with citizens running their own show? Most humans are good and tough as nails when they need to be. Human beings are essentially good beings who instinctively want to help each other. It is the psychopaths who pervert that. Get rid of the world’s psychopaths and spontaneous order human behavior would ensure the best social safety net for all because that is the natural order. The internet is a great platform for organizing those qualities.