Every little girl or a boy need security and love provided by parents and society, but not every one get it. Every little girl dreams about her Prince Charming. No one little girl, or her mother, or her father or her brothers and sisters want her to be called a slut, or worse--to be a one. There are many challenges in every woman life, right from the very start. Prince Charming will never come, but instead of him, there are going to be many attempts to put her down, to use her, to deceive to take advantage.

When she rebels, there are going to be real force to make her to obey. And some are not capable to win over such force. When you look in the eyes of a little girl, ask yourself a question, how she can be grow up as a slut? Only if you will teach her and she'll submit because of her ignorance, vulnerability in this world and lack of real philosophers in her life and of course Prince Charming who suppose to save her.