Men and women think differently. But speaking from experience, it is not impossible for them to understand the ways in which each one thinks. If I can do it as a sociopath with little empathic sense, why can't others who are suppose to be better at empathy than I am?

I suspect it is because they spend way too much time wrapped up in their own emotional bullshit to understand anyone else. And not just the opposite sex, but literally anyone else. The fogginess of emotional bullshit has never been one of my few flaws.

I listen to people when they talk. They don't always think I do because if they say something stupid, I am quicker to tell them it is stupid than to make them feel warm and safe by telling them everything is going to be alright. It won't be alright if they keep saying stupid stuff. It will just get worse.

So it is not that I don't understand the ignorant stuff people say. I just refuse to excuse them for saying it. No one ever excused my ignorance. I had to learn the hard way. And in harder ways than a lot of people have to learn nowadays. Back when I was a kid, ignorance was something that could get you killed, not just mocked on social media.

I genuinely can't speak for women. But the feminist movement is not just made up of women. That's the perception. That they are all man-hating females. Nope. Some of us are man-hating males, and males and females who hate no one. The feminist movement has never been about getting people to understand feminists or to accept women as equals, even if you believe it or not. It has been about forcing those in power to treat women with equal respect and privilege afforded to men. All the rest is philosophical.

Women really don't need men to accept them as equal so long as the government and labor treats them as equals. They can make their own way from there. They are not beholden to men for any acceptance. But when those in power are aligned against your freedoms and civil liberties, that is something that any woman and/or feminist needs to rage against. As a matter of rebellion against the society that serves to oppress them.

So while I can only be so much informed about what it is like to be a woman, it doesn't take much to understand what it is like to be oppressed culturally, economically, and politically. And that is what feminism is actually about.

Stupid people abound of any gender, race, age, nationality, religion, lifestyle. Feminism is (or is suppose to be) just one more way of getting those stupid people out of their way. Sun Tzu once said: Know your enemy and know yourself, and you will be victorious in countless battles. It is not enough to just be smart. You also have to know how the stupid people think.

Mostly, the only reason why they say that strength and aggression are male attributes is because they don't want women having any. Nothing is scarier to a man than a women who doesn't fit into the mold and refuses to "stay in her place."

It is truly the failing of man to not to try to think like a woman. We can't really say the same for women not trying to think like a man, precisely because of the feminist movement and the fact that they had to know their enemy, as Sun Tzu put it. Though, typically, enemy hasn't been how most feminists have referred to men. Though, men have been in charge of the one thing that has historically oppressed them. So it is a hard distinction to make. Personally, I consider stupid men to be my enemy.