Capitalism and socialism are both creations of the elite of the time. Even if they were slumming it as liberals. There will always be an elite at the top. Question is, are the people going to control their elite or allow the elite to control them? If the elite are in control, eventually some will come along who buy up the system and starts making the rules. We don't have to guess who those rules will benefit. We are living it right now.

Both work beautifully in theory but problems arise in application when people in power don't follow the rules. Every model exists only because the worker agrees to participate in it. Majority of people are just lazy. Too lazy to make an effort. Then they let others to rule them hoping that others will take care about their life. Well, they don't.

Instead of waiting for a day when mankind will magically evolve into a better, smarter creature (somewhere in the far distant future), why not just accept the fact that mankind is bacteria that eats itself perpetually, recognize our faults, and learn to live with each other despite them. Everyone can continue to be a raging ass, only, they have to keep it to themselves. And if they somehow find enlightenment on their own, throw them a party for being one of the few who made it out of the petri dish.

You don't have to abolish money. Just return us to the gold standard. That way, the money in your pocket is actually worth something, and banks wouldn't be able to co-opt the system by just printing more as they need it. The thing that makes gold valuable, and has been the reason it has stayed valuable since before recorded history, is its rarity. There will never be a surplus of it. In addition to that, it actually has some real physical properties that cannot be replicated by any other material that is invaluable for research and technology. The reason why banks don't like the gold standard is because it forces them to spend and loan only the value they actually have instead of just inventing wealth as needed.

Corporations need resources that they can't afford on their own, so they get the government to back them in a loan. But the government doesn't have the money. So corporations invented a central bank and paid off politicians to allow them to manage whole nation money. Then they manufacture money based on potential wealth and use that to pay off the loans. But the potential wealth doesn't grow as fast as the interest on the loans. So the central bank must make more money to compensate. In the meantime, it is the tax payer who is actually responsible for producing the wealth to pay off the loan. Only our money are increasingly worth less and less, meaning it will take longer and longer to pay off the loans. And of course the corporations don't want to pitch in, so they get law-makers to enact laws that will allow them to escape their own tax burdens and place more of a burden on the middle class workers.

Humanity is shit. But only because most of humanity is too weak to control our own predators. I think we could be a better species if we just learned to kill the right people. And by right people, I don't mean women and children in the middle east by dropping drones on their heads and claiming it is to stop the terrorists. I mean the people giving the orders to drop the drones in the first place.

I'm just advocating that we take the power out of the hands of the few and put it in the hands of the many. If there is going to be anybody killed, it should be by informed majority vote. Not decided by an elite in power. The way things are now, people keep dying and no one tries to stop it. In my scenario, we would only have to kill a small number of leaders before they got the picture. Far more humane than the current system.

Also, in the current system, not everyone is given fair access to the same knowledge. The government keeps secrets all the time. Companies pay the government for the privilege of keeping life saving or potentially life-enriching knowledge from the public so we have to pay more for it. Technology that can be readily adapted by private citizens in other countries is monopolized by corporations here.