If you think being an idealist is the biggest motivator when you want to do big things and you have to alter reality to some extend to avoid getting mad, how is that not the saddest thing ever?

Your delusion doesn't mean that reality is not real. It means your touch with reality is weakened by your psychological bullshit. That you let your emotional content dictate to you what your reality should be, rather than the objective features of the world, which try as you might, you can't change through perception. You can only fool yourself through perception.

How can you accomplish anything in the world if you don't even allow yourself to have an accurate picture of the world? You just end up in a fantasy version of the world; one that doesn't hurt your feelings. You are hiding from the real world.

I am sure that if I spend all day wishing very hard for my reality to change, not a damn thing is going to happen unless I take actual action. You don't need to know to a certainty what reality is outside of yourself. You only need to know that it responds to action, not wishful thinking.

The idea that you can't do because you don't know what the world is really like is just an excuse for being ignorant and lazy in not engaging the world.

You get up, you go to work, you eat, you sleep, you play, you learn, you evolve, you love, you marry, you reproduce, you grow old, you heal, you die. All of that is done through the application of realism. None of it is idealistic. You gotta bleed somehow.

Idealism is great for escapism. But escapism isn't good for anything but wasting time. So it's more a tiny bit of idealism on the weekend, rather than an equal measure alongside realism.