The jobs of animals which do not procreate is almost always to support the process for those who do. Worker ants support the queen's process for continuing the species. Beta wolves support the rule of the alpha couple so that they can continue to successfully breed.

The only time this does not happen is when the non-breeding animals are removed from supporting the species, for whatever reason. Like male lions who are removed from the breeding option when a more powerful male has taken over control of a pride of females.

In terms of continuation of the species, those males no longer have purpose unless they can dethrone the Lion King. So they live their lives in exile, wondering the desert until they die. Then their bodies feed the scavengers and vermin, but that's more "re-purposing" than purpose.

Even with humans (gay or straight), those who do not breed are only here to help support the continuation of our civilization which itself supports the continuation of breeders. If there were no more breeders, there would be no point to civilization.

The only thing life concerns itself with is to keep going. It is the only "intelligence" inherent in the process of life. To keep going no matter what. So in the immediate, we inovate and consume to keep going. And in the ultimate goal, we procreate to keep the species going.

The entire purpose of any individual is to be a cog in the wheel of some mindless process that has been going on for billions of years without any real direction. And the only reason why we know this, is because the degree of complexity of the process has by chance produced a self-aware entity. Or some just go roll with it.

Birth and death exists because there's no reason for it not to exist. Nothing got in the way of it existing. Nothing put a stop to the causal chain that led to its existence. There was no plan. There was lack of a hindrance on this world strong enough to stop it. Not yet, anyway.

If you need to give life meaning, then it conditionally you think life has no meaning, rite? No matter the claim. What we have here is an expression of a delusional ideal. Not reality. We are simply not big enough, smart enough, advanced enough to come to these conclusions. Come back in 10 million years and see if you still feel the same way.

There is something very special about life and evolution, it doesn't just change for the sake of survival but always evolve toward something more advanced. This is exactly how an Intelligent Higher source would have done it assuming magic does not exist.