Perceptions are not creating reality. It's creating association. If you perceive a wall, your perception didn't create the wall, doesn't change the wall, and cannot control the wall. The wall is still the same as before you perceived it. This is reality. How you feel about the wall after you perceive it is the contents of your own head and no one else's. Your head is not my reality. And it is not the reality of the wall, either. It merely interprets reality. Is the interpreter of French the same thing as the French language?

And from a cognitive standpoint, you are not actually creating a wall by perceiving it. By perceiving it, your brain is translating photon data into neurological impulses that represent the wall. Your perception of the wall doesn't exist in reality beyond electro-chemical data. But the particles most certainty do because we can demonstrate they interact with things when we are not around. They do not cease to exist.

To take it further, you aren't even perceiving the particles of the wall. You are perceiving other particles which interacted with the wall and then bounced to you. The actual particles of the wall are imperceptible.

To suggest that we create the wall through perception is to suggest that without perception there is no wall. Do you think if we put an unconscious man in a catapult, left the area, then remotely launched him at a wall no one was observing, he would simply pass through the wall? Would you like to try? Because I have been trying to convince someone to try this experiment for a long time.

There is no difficultly to understand this. Reality is the sum and substance of our experience. Either we create it as we go along, or there was already something there before we arrived in this existence. Your personal opinions about reality does nothing to reverse the facts of the situation. External independent reality is real. Mind-dependent reality is just a thought experiment. It has no basis in fact.

PS: Yes, I have my moments. Sometimes I can be a materialist too.