There is an image of the ideal world where there is no hate and everyone is holding hands and smiling and singing. These kind images of perfection are pretty absurd, if you ask me. I wouldn't like to be happy all the time. I'd forget what happiness was. If I was kind to everyone all the time, I wouldn't be able to differentiate the quality of relationships anymore.

If I loved myself unceasingly I would no longer remember why I was worth loving. It may sound cheesy paradoxical but the all things you don't like are the things that make life worthwhile. Pain, shame, rejected, all the shit you hate to do, not getting what you want.

Many concepts we use are binary. Meaning that they come in pairs of opposites; like good/bad or love/hate or black/white. We often forget these opposites are ending points on a continuous spectrum; not really the same, not really separate, just a long way apart.

Obviously pleasure isn't the same as suffering, but the one is only a reflection of the other. They are references to each other. Therefore if you minimize suffering, you will minimize pleasure. 1 Yin equal 1 Yang. 10 Yin equal 10 Yang. And so on. The most interesting part of the spectrum is not the white or the black end, but the gray middle circulation which is both and neither.

What you are preaching isn't anything new, and who gave us the authority to dictate what's natural for the rest of humanity?

We have no idea what humanity's purpose or natural progression is supposed to be like. And claiming that you do is just a big LOL. What we believe isn't the point. The point is we're pushing beliefs as facts. It makes us pretentious douche. End of story.

If you awaken people before they have found their own truths and done the process themselves, you will awaken immaturity. Beliefs are not facts. Facts are truth known for certain. Beliefs are positions held of a thing to be possible as the truth value. We talk about how what we believe will save humanity, but in reality what we are doing right NOW is what has caused humanity to fall so far.

We're operating under d notion that our beliefs are facts. Beliefs aren't facts. Everything we say about "awakening" is a self-critical-versa.