The problem with the school systems is that people always expected too much from it because of the hype. They see it said that smart people learned to be smart in school; and so they go to school expecting it to make them smart.

However, school has never been about making someone smart. The only time this was possibly true was in the days of the ancient Greek academy. A very short period in Western history. A similar time was seen in India, China, and Arab around the same period. These are the areas in which philosophy was born.

But for the most part, the purpose of schooling was to produce workers and leaders. Not make people smart. No one can make you smart. If a person becomes smart in school it is because they had the will be be smart. If you lack the will to be smart, or you are an unintelligent person by no fault of your own, no amount education is going to solve that problem for you.

What education will solve is giving you the necessary skills to make a living and contribute to society. You can do this without an education as well, but the work you get without an education is going to be the work left over that no one wants to do. You can be a garbage man or a waiter. Or you can be a computer programmer or a lawyer. But if you want to be a computer programmer or a lawyer, then you need that degree on paper. Because no one is going to hire a self taught computer programmer or lawyer for any more money than they would be willing to pay a garbage man.