In my experience, women's taste in men varies a lot. If you're meeting women you're sure aren't interested in you, keep meeting more women. If you're meeting a lot of women and you think none of them are interested in you, your problem is often gonna be an inability to read women well enough to know if they're interested.

Most women need an emotional connection before a physical connection, so whatever that is. Ask a thousand women what their most important characteristic for a mate is and looks don't make the list. Because men rate physical attractiveness in partners very highly, they assume women do as well, so only notice what they expect to see. Looks aren't immediate, not for "sexual" attraction for women is what I'm saying.

If George Clooney was working at McDonalds no one would give him a second look. But he's a rich, SNAG and the characters he plays are suave.

Females are hardwired to select for good providers and protectors for them and their offspring. Not beauty. You don't need to be good looking to be a good provider and protector. In a jungle brute strength is useful for the dominant male to fight off all the beta males.

But the environment is the wild card. In the urban jungle to provide for women and children, males usually need a stable job, a credit card and a car. Social skills and intellect are more useful for providers and protectors than muscles.