The right brain / left brain dynamic is actually just a myth of the cognitive sciences that we always assumed was true. The truth is, no one is either right or left brain when it comes to reasoning. Yes, there is a physiological preferences in our brains which is responsible for things like our hand orientation. Example: Right brain dominant people are left handed. But for the most part, we all use our right and left brain's almost equally.

It doesn't mean you are illogical. It just means you are more of an analytical thinker (theory and abstracts) than an synthetic thinker (facts and quantities). We all have balance of both, but sometimes one side is just a little bit more dominant than the other. And this is all left-brain activity.

Our left brain is where all that logical reasoning comes from. But it is also where all that applied creativity comes from. The job of our left brain is to understand and create pattern. Could be the patterns of a mathematical formula. Or the patterns in a painting. The right brain's job is to make intuitive jumps to fill in the areas where our reasoning falls short. The right brain is creative in that it loans the more pliable and compromising elements to the rigidity of the left brain's functions. But without the left brain, the right brain is incapable of producing context or structure.

So, we are all mostly left brain people with some of us applying a bit more right brain than others at times.