Mindfulness has become a meme. 10-15 years ago nobody outside of Buddhist circles ever really said it, and now it's everywhere. Now it's become such a mundane and bland concept that it's lost much of its meaning. Sure, go ahead, be mindful, be aware; but, how much action are you taking? Simply being mindful is not enough. If you're just sitting around on your ass doing nothing more than being mindful of yourself or the problems that humanity has brought upon itself and the world and doing nothing else then you're basically using mindfulness as an excuse to be a lazy sod. We are a species of action. If our ancestors just sat around being mindful of themselves we'd have gone extinct eons ago.

My personal definition, if you ask me, "mindfulness" is to observe while also remembering memories at the same time.

So, I recorded certain values while remembering and I felt certain feelings as a consequence and the "contemplate machine" gave me a reading. I can easily feel anger, for example, so I experimented and figured out that depending on how angry I felt there was a pattern in measures. It was awesome to realize that anyone can have access to such device.

The possibilities, we will be able to control switches with our thoughts and consciousness. Because of this device, I have felt so much more in control of certain feelings. It taught me. With that said, I believe there is great value to seating down and paying attention to our feelings or in my cade measure my feelings in memories. Humans actually have a very poor time remembering how they felt in their past. Most of the time we exaggerate how we felt at a time may that be good or bad. So measuring our feelings and having them recorded helps us remember a more objective as opposed to the delusion brought by our minds.