"Faith" implies that the outcome is taken as a given without any direct correlation between the present and the future. Faith is about possibility, but possibility has no definite reality in the present.

"Reason" is a consideration of direct correlation between present and probable future events. I do not have faith that their will be a another day tomorrow. I expect there will be because the probability is very high.

I can trust in this probability. But can one trust in a possibility? Trusting in a possibility on faith is far less reliable than trusting in a probability through reason.

The only time one should rely on faith is when one has run out of more reliable courses of actions, like logic, science, and reasoning discourse. Personally, I usually have my problems figured out long before I am forced to rely on any type of faith. So I am forced to reject the notion until such a time comes when faith becomes useful to me. But I cannot foresee a time in which I believe that hoping for possibilities will actually affect the reality of my situation. I should be able to affect my reality through determination and effort. Not wishful thinking.