People say, that thinking too much, about anything, it will drive you nuts. Even thinking about the most simple things can cause insanity after a while. But I much prefer to drive myself nuts, as opposed to other people doing the driving. That way I know I'll get there safely, on time, and won't get lost.

I've always been a kinesthetic (hands on) learner. I prefer to see all sides of an issue before coming to a conclusion. The trick is being humble enough to admit you're wrong when you are shown to be mistaken in your conclusion. I seem to learn more when that happens.

Thinking too much about things might somehow put you further away from the answers than bringing you closer to them. I prefer to wander around in seeking for meaning in my own wrongness, in my self-created value system which teaches me to expect the unexpected ... let the chaos unfold in a never-ending pattern in front me.

I'm mostly afraid of loneliness for such reason, filled my time with whatever avoiding that, and over-analyzing is one of the way. It's good to have control but, don't you think you miss out a lot of the actual fun by over-analyzing situations? No.

Just what the world needs ... more people who are afraid to think too much. It's worked well for us so far. Except for the climate destabilization, pollution, wars for oil, corrupt governments, religious intolerance, and wealth disparity. I mean, I get what people are saying, though, this was more directed to "over-analyzing" stuff. In my opinion, giving yourself time to rationally think about everything that's going on in this world, is totally fine, and also what we seem to need. Usually it stops you from being just another naive idiot.

Is there really such a thing as over-analyzing? I mean often with rethink things over and over with little result, but sometimes, usually after some new perspective or additional experience, we happen upon a new avenue to follow or a new point of view. If you had stopped analyzing, you probably wouldn't have made the connection between new information and that thing you no longer cared to analyze.

Continuing to analyze a problem is also a clear indication that you are not satisfied with the conclusion (or lack of conclusions) that you have already. So why ever stop before you are satisfied? Do you just consider it a waste of time you could be using to do other things? You have to consider time to action, consequences and such. Sometimes it better to think long and hard if you can afford the luxury of time. Just don't reach the point when your mind starts playing tricks on you.

How do we know when it's too much? The answer to this will vary from person to person, so I'll give you my take on it. In my opinion, you'll know that you're thinking too much when you overindulge in the concepts that reduce the world to nothing but mere words with meanings. When this happens, you'll likely feel unhappy or like something is wrong because you've forgotten that it is really all just a game that we all play to distract ourselves from reality.

You have to find the right balance of conscious thought and subconscious pondering. Your unconscious mind is a lot quicker, so if you just look at a problem, then let it simmer in the back of your head for a day or two, you'll get better results.