The question is not are men and women equal. The question is are men and women both entitled to equal rights and privileges in society?

What "equality" means is only a debate amongst the misogynists and anti-feminists who would like to cloud the issue. The word equal is not that difficult to interpret, especially given how much the feminist movement writers and legislators have written about it in the last hundred years.

The word equality is actually shortened from the phrase "equality before the law" which means regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, age, nationality, class, creed, religion, or political affiliation, everyone is entitled to equal rights, opportunities, and privileges from not just the government by also from private or collective institutions as well, such as churches and corporations.

Treating someone differently solely based on these differences is a violation of their civil liberties.

If we make this a contest between the physical, mental, and social traits of men and women, then men lose. The only thing men can realistically claim as an advantage is that they are physically stronger than women. And not all of them. Just some. Many men are also statistically weaker than those same men who are stronger than women. That is not much of an achievement.

However, women have greater overall endurance, and recently it has been determined that when not marginalized by antiquated educational systems, women routinely outperform men in intelligence. Some men have actually taken to complaining about the fact that girls in girls-only educational institutions are not only performing better than girls in mixed school environments but also better than than male counterparts in both mixed schools and all boy's schools as well. Sour grapes?

Women have also been chiefly responsible for keeping the human race going. Sure, men have contributed sperm and protection. But for the greater span of our existence, women have contributed child birth, child rearing, home life, sanitation, and much of the early agriculture before the last ice age. Also, take into account that men have been entirely responsible for the wars which have killed a great number of the children women produce. If men can take credit for being the protectors of humanity, they can also take responsibility for being our greatest internal threat. There is no contest. Women are superior from a social standpoint. When they are allowed to be free and educated, that is.

But as far as the law goes, in nearly every developed country in the world where religion or culture does not get in the way, men and women are both entitled to equal rights under he law regardless of sex. Gender or sexual identity is another matter, given how many supposedly developed countries still discriminate against homosexuals, including the West.

And since internet is comprised of a majority of illogical males, whoever said men are more logical than women should be embarrassed by his ignorance.

If you asked are there any studies that show men and women are equally logical, or in this case, illogical? The answer is no. But then, there are also no studies that show that men are more logical than women or vice versa.

What the studies do show is that in the male brain, cognitive neural connections that run through each hemisphere of the brain, including the left, logical hemisphere, are chiefly isolated to the structure of the individual hemispheres. In women, however, the neural connections have a greater degree of interconnection between the hemispheres.

Initially (years ago), the assumption was that men may be more logical than women because while they can dedicate a great deal of focus towards one particular hemisphere at a time, women's focus is constantly shifting between the left logical hemisphere and the right intuitive hemisphere. However, upon further study, that turned out to be incorrect. The only real difference is that women have an easier time shifting between the left and right hemisphere than men. This has little affect on actual logic or reasoning ability which occurs in the left hemisphere. Just personality and behavior. It's what makes men act like men and women act like women.

And neither is necessarily a benefit or detriment. Because of this, men are often better at carrying out mechanical task because they are less likely to be distracted. Women are better at analytical tasks because their brains shift quickly between logic and intuitive jumps. But men are not good at multitasking like women. They think slower. And women, though capable of thinking faster, often make more mistakes while carrying out tasks.

However, studies also show that women have a larger amount of gray matter in their brains. Gray matter is the part of the brain responsible for making computations. So the case may be that women are naturally more computational, and therefore smarter than men. But most women reach this potential because of external, societal conditions.

Studies show that when women are educated and tested in environments where there are no males, their IQ scores are higher than male IQ scores on average. Also higher than females educated and tested alongside men. The presence of males seems to have a detrimental affect on the intelligence of women. Which reminds me of something I once heard which is all too familiar: Men don't like women who are smarter than them.

Which may explain why women educated alongside men do not perform as well. But for now, that is just speculation. There could be other factors involved.