Would you prefer your life to have a purpose or no purpose?

I can only see that purpose exists when something serves something else, for example our computer serves us, it does the things we want it to do, it is our slave. But for your life to have a purpose, kind of supposes that you serve something else, usually people think of God, the question only really makes sense if we're serving something. 

Are we serving nature? I don't see many of us serving God. On a larger scale, things usually fit into place and serve something more fundamental (the bigger picture), like how bees serve the planet by making pollen, etc. But purpose kind of suggests something that we are supposed to do, maybe our lives serve something greater, if the universe is driven towards a will and we play a part in achieving the universes will, we do have a purpose. 

Scientists say things happen randomly, the Big Bang just happened randomly (that is the accepted theory), but for what reason? I can only see reasons if there's a mental force for the universe, and that we are just contributing, just like how everything else in natures contributes, some things don't work but overall things are improving. Your leg heals when you break it, food digests, the purpose it serves us, is survival for as long as possible.

But what do we serve? And what is our purpose? Maybe we have multiple purposes, I doubt we'd ever know, maybe it's something that nature just hardwired into us without us knowing. The bees probably don't actually know they are keeping humanity alive, subconsciously they are serving a purpose. But anyway, even if we did know our purpose, we'd probably aim to achieve pleasure, hedonism also makes a lot of sense.

Sometimes I wonder if it would be better not having a purpose, because then we can literally say it doesn't really matter what we did with our lives, and that overall we didn't really have to live in a certain way.