I can always tell when people hate me. Even if they're nice, very nice, even if they claim to like me, I can so easily tell when they don't. And it's hard to say it until there's proof because the people around me will say "You're just paranoid, they don't hate you, jeez." But they do. And this is something I trust myself with and don't second guess if I'm being irrational or not. I absolutely know when someone doesn't like me. And there are even people on my social media friend's list and in reality that I can tell have serious issues with me but won't say it. It's like I can feel their negative energy directly towards me. It doesn't happen all that often, but when it does, I know. So if you truly like me, I can tell and I truly appreciate it too.

It's much easier to be critical of others than it is to be critical of yourself and your beliefs. I find it easier to critique myself, simply because I can relate to and understand myself more than someone else. I know my experiences, where my beliefs and values come from, how they've progressed and changed over time. All it takes is the balls to be honest with yourself. In a nutshell, do I look like I give a fuck if people doesn't like me?