As a man of reason, I am condemned to recognize my own weaknesses. But that is better than the illusion of perfection which robs one of the will to progress. People who consider themselves perfect never actually have a clear parameter set for perfection. Otherwise, on a whim, one of their characteristics may not make the grade. And that would be troublesome. So the delusion is that they are perfect no matter the inconsistencies in the parameters, or the absence of any parameters at all. Some people choose to embrace their weaknesses and live with them. Some choose to ignore them. Some choose to fight them. Others choose to work to resolve and integrate them. I'm a resolver. I cannot let sleeping weakness lie. Certain social ideas, such as perfection, has always appealed to me as a deliberate artificial construction for the purpose of social or personal stratification. An attempt to segregate people through projecting hidden inadequacies onto others through pseudo moral or character distinctions.