Why fight the darkness? The darkness is cool, soothing, and protecting. The light can burn and blind. On a sunny day, the safest place is the shade. The fearful seek the light. They are most afraid of the monsters that lurk in the dark. But it is those with courage who venture into the dark, illuminated by knowledge and the fire of a pure soul. Because the monsters in the dark will only attack ignorance and hypocrisy. The light is not your friend. It is your enabler. How many people have been burned by the stake in the name of light? Imprisoned for someone else's light. Subjugated by the light. The darkness welcomes everyone. You can only built wisdom from darkness by creating your own light. You cannot built wisdom from someone else's light. So if someone is talking to you of light, this is a light that has already been created by someone else. Reject it. It's not yours.