War is not human nature. People don't just declare war on each other for no apparent reason. War is social programming. Leaders want things. And when they can't have it, they take it. And they use stupid, poor, frightened people who are willing to fight for them to help them take it.

It's very easy to do. All you have to do is tell the stupid, poor frightened people that if they don't fight, the other side is going to march in, take what you have, and destroy your culture. And if you don't have anything, they will just rape and kill you instead.

So, now you have a bunch of stupid, poor, frightened people on each side, terrified of the "foreigners," fighting for a patriotic cause that doesn't really exist just so that rich people can take resources and land away from each other. That is all that war is. Fueled by money and stupidity.

Humans love the adrenaline of war, the fight, yes even the blood lust, it's DNA programmed from old behaviors. We can change that since we have the benefit of history and perspective, but we are a planet of slow learners, dealing with accelerated situations with our snake brain, hardwired by evolution to respond to different environments.