I don't understand why there are so many people hate TV and love books to look smarter. Believe me, I spend a lot of times watching TV. No one has ever been able to brand me an idiot. At least not the point that they got away easily with it. There are also a lot of my academic friends, some of them smarter than me which is scary because who knew IQs really went that high.

It is not watching TV that produces idiots. A lot of the shows are geared towards attracting idiots. So the presumption, when we see a lot of idiots watching stuff like reality TV, is that TV creates idiots. But the truth is, they are idiots for reasons that have nothing to do with watching TV. It is a classic case of cum hoc ergo propter hoc -- assuming that the correlation or relationship between different agents or conditions implies one is responsible for the existence of the other.

I watch mostly movies, not just Americans box office, and TV shows. I also watch some Hollywood movies as well. I watch a few cable shows, but also some primetime shows from the major networks. I would have to be a really weak-minded moron for these shows to actually influence my thinking processes enough to make me stupid. I can understand how a really young child might get confused. But even then, there is no reason why a normally functional child wouldn't grow out of this.

So, who here is so feeble minded that a teledrama would dramatically alter the way in which they perceive reality? Because I always wanted to start a cult and you are just the kind of person I am looking for.