There's nothing new under the sun; life invested a lot of time in evolving us a way to suffer so we survive enough to reproduce more suffering beings. We give life more credit than needed. Life sucks ass. Sometimes you get the area right there in the middle of the ass crack. You slap your face and marching the soldier on. Right up the great chasm. Only a coward retreats in the face of adversity. All we have is life and the unknown of the future. You cling to what is substantial, embracing the unknown is a failure to commit oneself to the struggle. They are always a little delusions and fear.

"Purposed to live in harmony." What fucking harmony are you talking about? Nature is all about competition of survival and most of that means eating each other. This planet is nothing but death and murder just to survive. Nothing but conflict. In fact, life is a process in which all living creatures eat one another, sooner or later. You should read existentialism more to understand that it's not within the context you perceive it to be. If you frontal lobe and hippocampus haven't gone to hell, that's your choice. People don't want to face the reality because we don't want our illusions to be destroyed under which our weak servile minds are crouched. We believe in a false blanket of comfort and we need a thumb to suck. Bold as fuck way to go, life is a dungeon or a disco ... you gotta choose.