"Animals they feel pain. But plants don’t have nervous system. They don’t feel pain as much as animals or human do."

Life is life, there is no difference between form and the other. Conscious is everywhere and to survive we need other lifes and other lifes will need/kill us. We have destroyed half of the forest on the planet because we believe plants have no conscious. Man is the one that lacks consciousness. In order to be a true vegetarian, one has to shun all animal products. Leather shoes, gelatine, etc. Also, if we were intended to be herbivores, wouldn’t we be. You can’t make an elephant eat meat, right?

It is not necessary to have a nervous system to be conscious. There is no dignity on this, we are just pretending and not facing the facts: living organisms are living things. There is no difference between killing a plant and killing an animal. What to eat is a personal decision. And so far, plants and animals are the menu. We just need to handle the price of life.

Furniture, wooden houses, cotton, paper … those are much more destructive then eating meat. We have started the destruction of the planet the moment we starting fixing in the land with plantations and raising animals. Being vegetarian or omnivorous does not have a direct relationship on achieving the "natural balance."

It seems people usually resort to vegetarianism as a way to protect animals. This is maybe old news but I wonder how do you feel about lab grown meat? Would it make you reconsider your option?

Here http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-23576143