The only useful religions, in my opinion, is the religion that offers you more than just faith. If you can't question your religion and grow from it, then it's a prison you are placing yourself in. Not liberation.

There is nothing inherently dangerous in religion itself. No matter how dysfunctional the doctrine, it's just words. A resting gun will not fire. "Religious people" are what is dangerous. Not all, but enough of them. This is why in some cases, we really need to keep the gun out of the reach of children.

A religious person makes a conscious choice between which parts of the religion they will follow, which parts they will ignore, and which parts they will invent to satisfy their own agendas.

It doesn't matter if it's science or religion, if you bring to this world another kind of power that disrupt the predominant believe system, they will hunt you down in the same way during the dark ages. There a lot of power that is sustained by the current believe system.