If you're social, your mind is most likely occupied with social pursuits.

Contemplation of life, the universe, spiritual, and everything requires a lot of time to yourself. Therefor, being anti social, or at least partly, is required for people who are in search for truths. Separating ourselves from the social resonance can be useful in independent reasoning, which may lead us to a more clear picture.

Seems to me that if most truths are true to the extent that they are agreed upon, then a great deal of social interaction is vital to determine why they are deemed true. I think close observation and critical inquiry are necessary before the individual thinker can produce something truthful; by which I mean thinking which is able to discriminate between different kinds of truth. Thinking is never unconditioned, however.

People tend to rationalize socialization like addicts justifying drug use. And it really is just like that. It's a "need"—just like crack. We need social support systems, to support our amount of time and space or resources to produce novelty or to acquire knowledge.